Show Results

Cleverly v.d. Grasbroekerhof - *26-05-1999
Dates Shows Qualifications Judges
24.10.1999 Piet Roks Jongehondendag 5th place  Dhr. W. de Wilde (NL)
14.11.1999 KC Limburg 1st place
Beste pup
 Mevr. R. Lochs-Romans (NL)
09.04.2000 ISC Belgie 6de excellent  Mrs L. King (GB)
17.06.2000 ISC Nederland 4th excellent  Mevr. R. Lochs-Romans (NL)
03.09.2000 Luxemburg 3rd excellent  Mr C. De Giuliani (I)
20.10.2000 Bundessieger excellent  Mrs M. Gyarfas (H)
21.10.2000 Bundessieger Youth Champion
1st excellent
 Dhr. K. Urbahn (D)
12.11.2000 Piet Roks Jongehondendag  Mevr. Halff van Boven (NL)
25.11.2000 Winner Amsterdam excellent  Mevr. Y. v.d. Laan-Elling (NL)
01.09.2001 Luxemburg Champion
1st excellent
 Dhr. Kips (L)
08.09.2001 ISC Nederland 3rd excellent  Mrs T. Gisby (GB)
29.09.2001 ISC Luxemburg excellent  Mr P. Jentgen (L)
19.10.2001 Bundessieger excellent  Mrs R. Pike (GB)
11.11.2001 Piet Roks jongehondendag Best Bitch in show
reserve best in show
1st place
 Dhr. K. Geysen (B)
01.12.2001 Winner Amsterdam 4th excellent  Mrs V. Foss (GB)
03.03.2002 Zuidlaren excellent  Hr. E. Angelbauer (A)
16.03.2002 Roosendaal excellent  Mevr. R. Lochs Romans (NL)
14.04.2002 ISC Belgie excellent  Mrs C. Sheldon (GB)
21.04.2002 Goes 2nd excellent  Mevr. J.J van Gellicum (NL)
05.05.2002 Europasieger 4th excellent  Mrs M. Henderson (GB)
25.05.2002 ISC Nederland excellent  Mrs J. Kniveton (GB)
07.07.2002 Winner Amsterdam very good  Mrs F.A. Somerfield (GB)
03.08.2002 ISC Luxemburg 2nd excellent  Mrs M. Gurney (GB)
31.08.2002 Luxemburg excellent  Mm. M. Kips (L)
29.09.2002 Maastricht 4th excellent  Dhr. W. Hochstenbach (NL)
14.06.2003 ISC Nederland excellent  Dhr. MCJ van Iersel
02.08.2003 ISC Luxemburg excellent  Mrs P. Butler-Holley (GB)
07.12.2003 Winnner Amsterdam very good  Mevr. Erhart (NL)
27.03.2004 Luxembourg excellent  Mr Nagy (H)
04.04.2004 ISC Belgium excellent  Mrs V. King (GB)
25.04.2004 Goes Champion best bitch,1th excellent  Dhr Noppert (NL)
16.05.2004 Echt 4th very good  Mevr. Westra (NL)
06.06.2004 ISC Holland 2nd excellent  Mrs G. Barker-Bell (GB)
10.07.2004 ISC Luxembourg Res.Champion CACL, 2nd excellent  Mrs P. Armstrong (GB)
29.08.2004 Rotterdam Champion,best bitch, 1th excellent  Mevr. M. Gavcic (SloveniŽ)
05.09.2004 Luxembourg 3rd excellent  Mevr M.Kips (L)
26.09.2004 Maastricht very good  Dhr D. Rutten (NL)
30.10.2004 Utrecht Champion, best bitch BOB, 1th excellent  Mevr.R. Lochs-Romans(NL)
14.11.2004 Bleiswijk Res.Champion, Res.CACIB, 1st excellent  Dhr Fryckstrand (S)
28.11.2004 Winner Amsterdam Res.Champion, Res.CACIB, 1st excellent  Dhr W. Hochstenbach (NL)
19.12.2004 Wijchen 4th Excellent  Mrs G. Halff v. Boven (NL)
29.01.2005 Eindhoven Very Good  Dhr A. Sjostrom (S)
03.04.2005 ISC Belgum Very Good  -
21.05.2005 ISC Holland Champion(CACIB2x), best bitch and res. BOB  Mrs R.Lochs-Romans (NL)
23.04.2006 ISC Belgium Excellent  Mrs E. Gardner (GB)
10.06.2006 ISC Netherlands 4th Excellent  Mr J. Smith (GB)
03.12.2006 Intern. Setter Show St.Truiden 3th Excellent  Mrs M. Boardmann (GB)

Summary Show Results
Total number of shows : 47
Championship : Youth Champion Bundessieger 2000
Luxembourgs Championschip 2001(CACL 1 x)
Champion Goes (CACIB)2004
Res.Champion Luxembourg (Res.CACL)2004
Champion Rotterdam (CACIB)2004
Champion Utrecht (CACIB), BOB 2004
Res.Champion Bleiswijk (Res.CACIB)2004
Res.Champion Winner Amsterdam (Res.CACIB)2004
Champion ISC Nederland (CACIB 2x) 2005
Placed : 27
Number of “Excellents” : 38
Number of “Very Goods” : 6
Number of “Goods” : -